Wikitext is the special markup language for wikis that is seen in source editor mode. FANDOM uses the MediaWiki engine, so it largely shares the same wikitext code support as Wikipedia. This coding can be used to add photos, tables, bold styles, links, and other many other visual changes and is usually manipulated in a source editor.

How to use

It's not necessary to know how to use wikitext in order to edit a page due to the new VisualEditor, or visual mode in the classic editor. However, users who learn it may appreciate the vast amount of additional control they have over page content.

Wikitext can be used via 'source mode' in either editor. To access an article's wikitext:

  • Classic editor: click the 'Source' tab at the top right of the edit area.
  • VisualEditor: click the menu button towards the right side of the toolbar, and choose 'Source Editor'.

How does this benefit portability?

Knowing wikitext allows you to go much further (definitely when it comes to personalization, effects, text changes, and visualization). It also can enhance your portable content and often times allow you to do more than you would do in a visual editor.

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