• Hello!

    I am wondering if a vanguard user might be available/willing to assist with the process of converting Minecraft Wiki's infoboxes to a portable format.

    I have noticed recently that much of the info in our infoboxes does not appear to be displaying properly on some mobile devices. One of our users attempted to port one of them over recently, but it had some unforeseen negative results. I am unsure how to port over an infobox while retaining some things. For example: code that will auto-categorize an article, based on the info contained in the infobox. I would appreciate any bit of assistance with this, even just some advice/tips would be helpful. I'm not expecting anyone to do all of the work for us, as it may be a large undertaking (though certainly much-appreciated). However, if we had one new portable infobox as an example, with the code it is possible to retain, it would be really helpful for any users who want to continue converting additional infoboxes to a portable format.

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    • Hey!

      Glad to see that you want to migrate your infoboxes. I can help you with the process or even do it for you if you want to.

      Regarding the categorization you seem to be using blocks similar to <includeonly>[[Category:Renewable|{{PAGENAME}}]]</includeonly>. You can also include similar code in the Portable Infoboxes, for instance add something like

      <includeonly>{{#switch: {{#explode:{{{renewable}}}||0}}
      |Yes = [[Category:Renewable|{{PAGENAME}}]]

      to your draft's code (I copied this piece of code from the original infobox's source). That's just an example, but I think it's self-explainatory.

      I'll be sure to help you if you require further assistanceĀ ;)

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    • Hi DuckyD, thanks for the quick reply!

      I've no doubt that you have much more experience, and could more-efficiently implement these features, compared to anyone in our wiki's community. So if you are willing to do the migration work yourself as you mentioned, it would be greatly appreciated!

      Feel free to tweak any of our existing infoboxes, and do as much or as little work as you would prefer. Their current appearance should give some indication of our wiki's preferred format/style of infoboxes, but send me a message if you need my input on anything. As I said, any help would be great. Even if you only have time migrate a couple of infoboxes, it will still be a great start for us!

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    • Hi againĀ :)

      I'll start working on your community really soon, I'll contact you through your message wall when I have something ready or if I encounter any problems.

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