• On the "Insights" screen for the Letterkenny wiki, we have an alert that Template:Infobox_episode does not use the new infobox markup— except that if you view the source, it absolutely does, or looks like it does to me. Using the "Generate draft markup" link, incidentally, just provides a blank template.

    What remains to be fixed in this template so that it is accepted as portable, or if it is fine, how can we get the nag removed?

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    • Use of <default> can cause NPI false-positives. Rather than using <default>''Unknown''</default> everywhere, it may be better to place those <data> fields within a <group show="incomplete"> tag, & add the show="incomplete" attribute to your existing <group layout="horizontal"> group. You can then remove the <default> data tag children.

      If you absolutely need to use <default>, perhaps for <title>, then wrap the contents of your <default> tag in <includeonly>. Like this:
      <title source="title">

      If all else fails, then remove any existing <includeonly> tags & simply wrap the entire <infobox> code in <includeonly>. This last method has never failed me.
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    • Thanks. Removing all the <default>s and <includeonly>s doesn't seem to have done anything, as we still get the warning. But for what it's worth, I've also basically learned to ignore the other "Insights" as worthless as well. "Pages without an infobox" have an infobox, "Pages without images" have plenty of images, and so on.

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    • Looking at Template:Infobox episode, it appears that wrapping it in <includeonly> worked since the editor no longer shows migration options & the migration rail module is not present. Insights just takes time to update due to caching; in a day or so S:I/NPI should be empty. Insights in general suffers from caching, so it’s not that it’s wrong but rather that it is not yet correct. If it’s inaccurate for weeks on end however, you should send in a report via Special:Contact/bug so that it can be fixed.

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