Presentation is how a page is "presented" or displayed to the user. It includes colors, fonts, styles, and all the pieces and parts that you can see. Some people call this "rendering".

Presentation can be distinguished from the data, code, or hidden structures that allow a browser or other rendering program to construct and show the page. Data is all the stats like character name, level, affiliations, appearances, etc. that can be shown in various ways like bulleted lists, infoboxes, tables, etc. How the data is shown is the presentation. Data can also be underlying values that represent the styling of the page like background color, border thickness, colors of things, font faces, and sizes of boxes. HTML or wikitext can also be considered data.

Data vs. Presentation

A key concept in portability is separating the data from the presentation. What this means is taking various pieces of data and displaying them differently as needed based on the device (usually desktop vs. mobile), screen orientation or size, and with consideration to UI interaction (usually mouse vs. touch screen). A big goal for portability is to make the presentation flexible using mostly the same underlying data.