Portable Infoboxes have a default theme based on the colors chosen in the theme designer. These can be changed or improved using MediaWiki:Wikia.css.


Name Wiki / Inspiration Category Description
Bleach Bleach Anime / manga A theme with rounded borders for anime characters.
Blood+ Bloodplusanime Anime / manga Dark infobox depicting the dark nature of the manga / anime.
Cardfight Cardfight!! Vanguard Wiki Anime / manga A theme for anime characters.
Chalkboard School-Based Academic A theme that looks like a classroom board.
Disney The Disney Wiki TV A theme for Disney
Lunar Lunar Chronicles Wiki Books
Mewmew Tokyo Mewmew Wiki Anime/manga
Paradise-bay Paradise-bay Game Based on an island game for iOS and Android.
Dr Who Tardis Data Core TV A theme with a shadowy effect and curved borders
Star wars Wookieepedia TV A Jedi theme with appropriate colors for light/ dark side alignment
Fuuka Wiki Fuuka (es) Anime/Manga A flat theme with maroon (#bf395e) as main color.

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