Mentoring is the Portability Hub's assistance program for wikis and users who want help or guidance in making their content more portable. While we provide guides and documentation about portable elements and features, we understand that some need extra support. Our Mentoring Requests board (previously at Mentoring Requests) tries to fill that need, arranging for portability experts to help where they can.

How can our mentors help?

  • Infobox Migration assistance
  • Styling with CSS
  • Scripting with Lua
  • Tips on working around quirks and bugs
  • Teaching about Portability
  • Helping with other Portable features

Creating a request

Use the request box in Special:MentoringRequests and fill out the resulting form. This will create an article for a given wiki where we can plan work on your wiki and store what we come up with. Your mentor (or mentors) can use that article to help you fully realize your ideas or help with problems.

Why do we ask if you're an admin on the wiki you list? We may suggest a solution that involves changing protected articles. The most obvious of these is MediaWiki:Wikia.css. It is the recommended place to store themes for your wikia, and it can only be accessed by an administrator. This is also true for site-wide JavaScript in Common.js on most wikis.

Request status

Your request may go through many stages once we get a look at it, and will be assigned to one of our categories for triage once work begins, until your work is completed. Note, these should only be added using Flags


Storing completed resources (CSS, Infobox code, etc)

Some common resource locations may be found in subpages of your wikia's request. For example, FooBar Wiki would most likely have their mentor-assisted themes stored in [[Mentoring:FooBar Wiki/theme.css]].

Common Subpages
Subpage Type Description
/theme.css CSS Styling Portable Element Themes
/common.js JavaScript Mobile-friendly scripting
/Module:Foo Lua Module Advanced templating, helpful for complex functions
/Template:foo Template A template that may contain the completed resource


Mentoring on the Portability Hubs is handled by members of the Vanguard volunteer group.

Vanguard members are volunteers from a variety of communities across Fandom. We come from coding, design, and organization backgrounds; we help as we can and expect nothing back.

If you're interested in being a Vanguard member, wonderful! Contact User:FishTank or User:CzechOut for more details.

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