Mobile generally refers to devices designed to be portable[1] and the technologies around enabling and using those devices and run a mobile operating system (OS) such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry OS.

Wiki technology

There are multiple technologies used to support mobile devices such as Mercury and the Mobile Frontend MediaWiki extension.[2]

Mobile devices


  • Use anywhere and anytime.
  • Mostly unique technologies like gyroscope and special sensors.
  • Wireless internet access.


  • Limited bandwidth and screen size.
  • Limited battery life.
  • Limited processing power.
  • Limited storage.
  • Restricted user interface (e.g. no mouse or trackball).


Generally speaking, a mobile device is a relatively small device that can be easily transferred from one location to another. The exact specifications are always subject to change as new technology is developed. For the purposes of wikis hosted by Fandom it can be devices such as a feature phone, a smartphone, a smart watch, a tablet, and conceivably even smart glasses.

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