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Did you know that more than half of Fandom's users visit our pages via a mobile device? That's why it's so important that all of our content is portable, meaning it can adapt to any screen. This site is your central hub for information on how to make your wiki portable, updated by both Fandom staff and community members. Want to make your infoboxes mobile-friendly? Make sure your main page looks great on smartphones? Wondering what "portable" even means? You'll find answers here!

Portability Pioneers

Testimonials from the Community

“ Content portability is important because technology evolves so fast that one never knows what devices we might be using in the future to create or consume content. Just like some signals were replaced by radios and other technologies, ultimately, the desktop PC might be rendered obsolete, just like many technologies in the past. “— Dessamator, Duolingo Wiki

“ Portability is important to WoWWiki, because we want it to look great on mobile as well as desktop browsers “— Fandyllic, WoWWiki

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